The Celebrities With Fake Breasts

celebrities with fake boobs

Every fan follows their celebrity idols 24/7. While this interrupts their privacy at great lengths, the meaner version of the “fan” comes in the form of a critic. The hardest part of a celebrity’s life is having to deal with these commentators making them feel that they are not enough. As a celebrity,  your physical appearance is always being questioned. A little flaw could stir the tabloids to strike down hard on a particular person for weeks on end. 

Oftentimes, this results in celebrities damaging their bodily assets – that were already beautiful to begin with! What I mean by that, of course, is that they choose to go under the knife – to become prettier. They drink whitening pills expecting their skin would go white, go for botox to have plump cheeks, have fat transfer breast augmentation or trim their flaring nostrils away. 

…and then, of course, there’s the famous breast augmentation operation

While ‘boob job’ transformations, as they are most commonly known, are supposed to be private, there are celebrities who come forward and admit that they have done it (we think that’s better!). 


Here are some of the celebrity icons that have admitted to having breast implants:

  • VICTORIA BECKHAM – formally known as Posh Spice, Beckham has been in the limelight since 1996. At that point, she wasn’t bothered that she had a subtle pair of breasts. Until her marriage with David Beckham. Though it was not proven after her marriage came the time she went for the breast transformation. In a 2007 interview, she accidentally mentioned her ‘silicones’ after months of denying the rumours of a boob job. But in 2017, she addressed these rumours as she wrote her younger self a letter (published in British Vogue) saying, “Don’t mess with your boobs…. just celebrate what you’ve got.” She also admitted, in the same publication, that it was stupid of her to deny having had a boob job for so many years. 


  • GISELLE BUNDCHEN – The supermodel waited for three years before admitting that she had a boob job. After breastfeeding her son, her postpartum blues may have pushed her into going for boob reformation. Giselle has modelled for famous fashion labels such as Victoria’s Secret, Alexander McQueen, and Dolce and Gabbana (to name a few). So she probably thought she had to keep up her reputation of being the ‘Most Beautiful Girl in the World’, as Rolling Stone Magazine described her in 2000. However, after the procedure, she looked at herself in the mirror and felt regretful. She asked herself, “What have I done? I don’t recognize my own body anymore.” She has since admitted that she hid in baggy clothes for some time after the procedure because of shame. 


  • KELLY ROWLAND – Rowland had always wanted to have her breast enlarged, ever since her sweet 16th birthday. But both her mom and Beyonce’s stopped her, encouraging her to think about it carefully as she might regret it later. Her aspiration for the change didn’t go away though, and a decade later, she went for breast enhancement after all. She said she did it for herself, not for a man or to land a better career. You go, girl! 


  • PAMELA ANDERSON – Pamela is best known for being one of the hottest babes in television series  Baywatch. She was adored for the way she exuded a strong confident stance as she guarded her station and saved many lives! In 1990, she had her first breast implant surgery. Nine years later, she had them removed, and went for much bigger ones! 


  • DREW BARRYMORE – Drew went for a boob job, but with a different purpose than most other celebrities. Drew has been in the public eye since she appeared in Ken Russell’s Altered States in 1980 when she was only four years old. For her, privacy was always a luxury. Drew was always very self-conscious because of how people criticized her big breasts. It was always commented more than her face, which she found rather embarrassing. Plus, she would always look big in whatever she wore because of her bosom. Later, she also found out that her boobs were the culprit of her chronic backaches. Thus, she decided to go for a breast reduction surgery. It took her 6 years though, after having it done in 1998, to admit that she had them reduced.


  • KALEY CUOCO – Kaley boosted her self-confidence with several cosmetic surgeries, including rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Being one of the highest-paid women in show business, she had well invested in these changes for the betterment of herself and not for anybody else. 


  • TORI SPELLING – Tori was loved for being the fierce, yet vulnerable Donna Martin in the original TV-series Beverly Hills 90210. She was known for having a supermodel body type, but also for being flat-chested. That was until 1994 when she went for a breast augmentation (which she didn’t admit until 2008).


  • LIL’ KIM – The star singer is one of the few celebrities who admitted she went for breast enlargement. Lil Kim went from having a smaller B-cup to a bigger pair of D’s. The decision was made after performing “Lady Marmalade” alongside Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Mya. We think she looks amazing! 


  • HEIDI MONTAG – This The Hills star is loud and proud of the changes she longed for and eventually had. She unhesitatingly shared her plastic surgery story with the media, revealing how she went through 10 surgical procedures at once – including breast enlargement. She went from an A-cup to an instant D. Some people found it extreme at the time, but to her, it was all worth it.


  • DANNII MINOGUE – Dannii is Kylie Minogue’s sister and she also admitted going for breast augmentation surgery. Unlike many other celebrities, however, she regretted her decision in the end. She said it didn’t make her happier as she expected the transformation would.


It seems these life-changing decisions are often rooted in women’s low self-esteem. No matter how many of these people-pleasing transformations they have, finding satisfaction ends up being simply another challenge for these celebrities.