When is the best time of year to sell a house?

Timing the sale of your house can make a massive difference to both the price you get for your home and how fast you make the purchase. Among the busiest times of year for the property is spring, with a great deal of activity coming from both sellers and buyers. However, does this mean it’s, in fact, the best time to sell a home?

Ideally, you may list your home for sale in a seller’s market, where there’s more buyer demand than supply. It seems widely accepted that spring is the ideal time to market, but with a greater quantity of listings than at any other time of year, the source of properties frequently outweighs the demand.

Fall is leading the way as the ideal time of year to sell a home. You could also profit from selling your house in traditionally quiet intervals like winter, as record numbers are even lower and there’s a chance to attract more attention from buyers.

Generally, there’s a case for selling during any period of the year. It will, however, return to more than just the weather. Some of the various aspects to consider are the type of property you are listing, the climate you live in, and the environment and place that the property is located in.  Understanding when it might be the best time to sell your home is crucial, especially if you’re selling your home without agents.

Let us have a look by year:


Data indicates the best month to sell a home in March and the best season for sales overall is fall. Many buyers will have done their market research over the summer holidays and will be prepared to check out what is available.

Not as active as spring, fall is still a busy time in real estate. Families are more prone to consider making a move before the chill of winter. If your home gets very cold and dark in winter, it makes sense to sell now.

To prepare your house, take advantage of the qualities of this season and allow as much light as possible. Keep your home comfortable for potential customers during review times by either heating or cooling the house, based on the weather daily.

When staging your house, use warm and earthy tones with comfy touches such as scatter cushions and throws. Outside, the autumnal colours from the backyard are attractive.


You might be asking, can I sell my home in winter? Winter is regarded as the worst time to sell a house unless you are living somewhere tropical such as Queensland where the mild winters won’t affect you.

In colder climates, the days are shorter and darker, and houses and gardens aren’t presenting at their prime. You will find, fewer buyers eager to deal with the cold and traipse through a listing of reviews that are open.

Nevertheless, there are benefits of listing your house over the winter period. Having a relatively quiet market, your list will be visible to those buyers who are seriously house-hunting. A winter buyer is often more determined about procuring property, and with the limited selection at their disposal, you could attain a quicker sale.

If your house is cozy, winter will be excellent for putting it in the marketplace. Hold your testimonials during the brightest part of the day and keep everything nicely lit with the curtains drawn back. Properties that get the maximum winter sunshine with west-facing windows will do better at this moment.


Spring means more days and blossoming, colourful gardens that improve the appearance of your property. Improved weather conditions have more people out and about, ready to inspect houses.

You may be thinking a spring sale will be simple, as soon as your garden seems vibrant and alluring, and your home is full of light again. But if you dig a little further into the marketplace data, you will discover that the quantity of listings in spring is higher than the need. Because of this, the market gets quickly saturated.

It is logical to think that after a cold winter there will be more home buyers beating the pavement and they’ll be competing for your property and driving the cost up. But the thing is, you are not the only one believing it!

If your home does not have any stand-out attributes, it will blend into the crowd. Too much competition is not going to be a fantastic thing when selling your residence.

But to get ahead in a competitive spring marketplace, freshen up the inside by airing your house, removing any mould which might have crept in, and sprucing up your garden and outdoor locations. Consider employing the support of a home stager to stick out from the rest.


Listings fall back as Christmas nears and deaden at the last week of December.

This is the perfect period for those who have houses for sale who wish to stick out in a less competitive marketplace.

Summer is the ideal time to showcase homes offering an idyllic outdoor setting, like a beach house or riverfront property. Elevated, coastal homes for a good deal of breeze will perform nicely. Also, homes which are colder and darker will probably be best presented to buyers in summertime once the warmth and light could be taken advantage of. Decorate with pops of greens and blues, and use mild, neutral colour palettes to open the space up.

Selling property privately will save you thousands and there are plenty of resources out there to help you setup, stage, market and sell your home without agent fees.