7 picturesque locations for a proposal in Australia

When planning a marriage proposal, there is much to think about, from the ring into the wording of the question itself, but one of the toughest decisions is where and how. Allow us to take the strain from place hunting by bringing you ten of the most romantic places in Australia to pop the question and put a ring on it.

1. Sydney Harbor Bridge, New South Wales
There are lots of places to pop the question in Sydney, and if you visit the harbour, the views will result in a postcard-perfect background, but if your spouse has an adventurous streak and is not scared of heights, then choose your proposal to another level. Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge won’t just get both of your hearts pumping but a suggestion in the summit, 134 metres above sea level, is going to be the last thing they expect. Speak to the staff at Bridge Climb Sydney who will help to organise the moment.

2. Heart Reef, Queensland
With its pristine white beaches and aquamarine water, it is no surprise that the Whitsundays from the Great Barrier Reef is your proposition capital of Australia, and one first reef is very sentimental. Heart Reef was first discovered in 1975 and has a secure status, which prohibits anybody from diving or snorkelling in its vicinity. It can, however, be viewed from the comfort of a scenic flight. A heart-shaped coral reef may seem cliché, but your spouse will appreciate the expansive gesture and spectacular views, and once you pop the question, the pilot will pop some bubbly.

One rotation takes 30 minutes, which gives you plenty of time to profess your love and revel in the view. To get a glittering perspective, jump on just before sunset.

3. Uluru, Northern Territory
For an atmospheric and religious proposal, visit Australia’s red centre and stand before the sacred sandstone formation called Uluru (Ayres Rock). Ripe in heritage and Indigenous culture, asking your spouse to spend the rest of their life with you in the shadow of Uluru will leave you both with a terrific sense of admiration for each other and the history and landscape of Australia. You may even return to exchange your vows with the awe-inspiring Uluru from the background.

4. The Twelve Apostles, Victoria
Situated on the scenic Great Ocean Road, The Twelve Apostles provide a controlling and ever-changing coastal vista unlike any other on Earth. Watch as the windswept pillars change their colours through the day in line with the light. For an unforgettable experience, set your alarm and arrive to observe the pastel sunrise this is going to result in a brilliant suggestion set. You could be sharing the moment with dozens of strangers, but the views will be well worth it. This romantic bucket list action will make you feel like you’re drifting as you see the sunrise and ramble over the world-famous wine area with 360-degree views of the countryside and vineyards. Located an hour north-east of Adelaide, the Barossa Valley is our best pick for those searching for a peaceful proposal destination.

5. Cable Beach, Western Australia
Located in Broome, Western Australia, Cable Beach is a 22-kilometre stretch of sparkling white sand, azure water and fiery tangerine soil, and while there’s a lot to see and do in the region, for your particular moment, perhaps a sunset camel ride. While camels are not the most romantic of animals, a sunset ride along the shore while looking out at the natural occurrence Stairway to Heaven (March-Oct) will make your spouse feel like an Arabian prince or princess on safari in some exotic faraway kingdom.

6. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
For a suggestion which will leave you feeling on top of the world, see Tasmania’s beautiful Cradle Mountain. Wombats, wallabies and possums may even crash your particular moment, and if you are hoping for snow, then plan your journey between July and September.

The drive from Hobart to Cradle Mountain is only a short four hour drive, book a luxury hotel package in the city coming back from the mountain and put some time aside for a special dinner and some pampering.

7. Daylesford, Victoria
Australia’s premier spa destination is the best place to pamper your spouse and cause relaxation before popping the question. Immensely calm, your time in Daylesford, Victoria will present with it a variety of idyllic places to suggest; it is merely up to you to decide on the opportune moment.

A proposal in the middle of a majestic waterfall sounds romantic, but with Niagara Falls a staggering 16,000 kilometres away, it is ideal to look a bit closer to home. Luckily, Australia has lots of cascades — some of which would set the scene for a proposal. Whether you place a ring on it while walking across the Mitchell Plateau or while taking a dip in Mertens Creek, any place here will impress your loved one.