What To Consider When Rebranding


Rebranding any company is a major decision. There is a lot of red tape to bypass, and there are many people involved in the decision to advance the rebranding. However, rebranding may be an important step in the right direction. Especially if your brand has not received the attention it deserves recently. If you have just entered the marketing field (or even if you are an experienced marketer), or you are considering a rebranding project, the following information will help guide you.

Your Brand Is More Than Just Your Logo
The logo is the brand. This is often the biggest misunderstanding. Your company brand is more than just your logo and VIS visual system. A brand can express your ideas, and a brand is a strategy that allows you to achieve your goals. The brand is the lifeblood of an enterprise, and the factors that constitute a brand strategy include:

  • Brand values
  • Brand mission
  • Brand story 
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand visual identity

As you can see, your brand visual identity is the last thing on the list, and there are many things to do before establishing your brand visual identity.

Brand Combing And Decision
Many of the basic elements of rebranding can be done by yourself within the company or through a campaign design agency. You can start with a vision, which is the first step in any rebranding process. You need to know what already exists in your current brand, do you have a brand strategy document or brand manual, what is your brand philosophy, development strategy, brand positioning?

By sorting out the target audience and putting everything on the table, you can evaluate your current brand and find out where you are and where you want to be. Once you have carefully sorted out the existing features that WORK for your organization, you can decide what to do next by assessing what you lack. 

The first thing you should look at is your strategy. What is it like now? What needs to be changed? Why do you want to change? Then with a step by step detailed analysis and summary, really start to dig out your values, mission, and vision. Of course, you can find an agency to do this, but your values ​​and mission are the core of your business.

  • Conduct a brand audit
  • Decide whether it’s time to rebrand
  • Identify your brand values ​​
  • Work out your brand mission 
  • Determine the brand vision

Cooperating With Brand Planning Is Always The Right Choice

You need some outside help when you are researching your brand. At this point, you should consider cooperating with professional organizations that provide branded services. Companies with well-developed brands will choose to import external brand planning and design companies that specialize in brand development.

Of course, many companies choose different cooperation agencies following different development stages of a company. No matter what the company is, external agencies have brought unexpected value to the development of the corporate brand. In rebranding projects, professional branding agencies will provide excellent expertise and advice. 

Suggestions For Rebranding

A great brand agency will help you identify the problems facing your brand, create solutions for these problems, act as a brand voice source and elevate business boosters. To help rationally sort out brand collisions, investigate current situations and implement new ones. Though, when choosing a brand promotion agency, you are choosing a partner. You need to establish a trusted partnership with them…

 Rebranding And Upgrading Are Similar To Creating A New Brand

There is no world of difference between creating a new commercial brand and rebranding an existing company. There are roughly two ways to rebrand:

  • Brand new rebranding, complete innovation
  • Brand upgrade and transformation to maintain the heritage

 A complete rebranding involves a thorough inspection of everything that is done within your business. Sometimes the brand name may need to be changed, but the brand strategy and brand image are often the biggest challenges. If your current brand is just out of date, you may prefer simply upgrading.