What is a first aid refresher course?

Life-saving training is vital for any community. Modern research and studies on the human body have given us a deep understanding of how the body works. With this discovered knowledge, techniques for dealing with the human body have also changed. Life-saving tools and equipment we use today are vastly different from those we used a few years ago. Now we use smart technology that gives us reliability to conduct a detailed analysis of a patient’s condition. 

Therefore, first aid professionals must stay updated with changing techniques efficiently. A first aid refresher course aims to update any skills surrounding first aid that may have become outdated since they completed their occupational first aid training. A first aid refresher course is essential to enhance the skills of individuals to handle a variety of emergencies and accidents. The basic life support skills such as CPR, choking response, bleeding control, burn treatment, fracture treatment, and many other first aid procedures and techniques are refreshed in a first aid refresher course. The main objective of a first aid refresher course is to refresh CRP and choking response skills, which the participants had to study in their initial first aid class.



Reasons one should take a first aid refresher course

The reasons for taking a first aid refresher course are countless. What are the most important and major reasons to take a first aid refresher course? Here we have mentioned a few reasons.



Every human has the habit of forgetfulness and every one of us forgets things daily. This is just how our brain functions. If you can easily forget about what you have eaten a week before at dinner, then how you can expect for your brain to remember first aid skills which you acquired a long time ago? Unless you are a doctor, no one practices first aid skills every day. Therefore, refreshing your skills is essential to ensure your competency as a first-aid expert. Therefore, a first aid refresher course is the best way to revive your skills.


Legal Requirements

According to the law, professional and occupational first aiders must take refresher courses once every two years. This period can be reduced to one year, depending on the requirement. Every first aider is required by law to refresh their skills before the expiry of their three-year first-aid certificate.  


Ongoing health research 

The continuous research in the field of science has given us a better understanding of the human body and its functioning, which helps us to improve the first aid techniques and procedures we use. Therefore, first aiders need to keep updating their skills over time to provide safe medical assistance to the patient in the emergency.  


Emergency response 

If you have updated your skills and have taken the first aid refresher course, then you will be able to respond to an emergency confidently and instantly. In this way, you can potentially manage to save the lives of your loved ones, the people around you at your workplace or any other public place. Up-to-date first aid skills help you to reduce the risk of serious injuries and life loss. A first aid refresher course helps you handle an emergency confidently without getting overwhelmed by the situation. Accidents can occur in any setting, so you need to be prepared. Remote first aid is another great option for those planning on partaking in a first aid course. There is nothing more reassuring than having a set of skills to save someone’s life if a terrible event did occur. For the benefit for everyone, enrol in a first aid course!