Picking Your Perfect Wedding Venue

You must consider 7 questions when looking at romantic wedding venues for your fairytale ending

Is This Venue in My Budget?

Do not torture yourself and entertain the idea of a $12,000 place on your venue list even though you’re able to really only afford $4,000 venue. It is only disheartening you and wasting your valuable time.

Is This Venue Available?

Check that the venue is available for when you need it. Many places have online calendars outlining their availability. Always contact the venue to double check if this information is correct.

What is the Venue’s Capacity?

Occasionally venues stretch what is possible to be able to make themselves attractive to most couples. 1 approach to subtly figure this out would be to inquire at the website see: ‘What amount of guests is successful in this area?’ Simply because you can match 150 people to space, does not mean you need to.

Can this Place’s Layout/Available Space Match My Requirements?

If you are doing service, cocktails, and reception all in one place, does it have three distinct spaces for every one those events? Or, is altering the ceremony area to the reception area during cocktail hour when guests are in a different place an option. Flips are a terrific way to create a place work for you. Nonetheless, be certain that the venue is experienced in doing them, and inquire the way they’re done: Where would be the reception tables and decoration saved?

Does this venue use a place that’s weather dependent (like an outdoor area )? This is where you’re able to identify possible hidden expenses and troubles. Additionally, it is important to speak through the flow of the entire day start to finish to ensure that the venue has planned the day to run smoothly.


Are you okay with providing transport for guests to a remote Wineglass Bay resort? Does a centrally situated venue allow visitors to get themselves via walking, car or public transport? All-inclusive places mean that your guests will not have to travel about, and is a great option to consider.


Occasionally a venue requires you to hire their own catering company or chef (who is generally very expensive–and consequently means this site pushes your budget too much). If you planned on having another restaurant or caterer for your wedding venues may have extra costs for this which you should make yourself aware of.

Can this venue match your overall vibe?

That is a tough one to nail down, as it is normally a gut feeling and entirely depends upon the sort of wedding you are expecting to have. If you’re searching for a casual barbecue wedding, a historical, marble-laden hall is not the ideal fit. Or a black tie wedding on a farm may not leave those guests in stilettos and dresses overly happy.

Additionally, this is where you ought to consider decoration. Is the place obviously beautiful and striking? Or is it blank slate which will require extra decoration? Just take a good look at those advertisements pictures the place shows you online–frequently they have a lot of uplifting and draping to decorate the area. Ensure that you’ve either made room on your budget for this or that you have time to DIY aspects to fill the space.